West Hartford
Special Education PTO (SEPTO)


Support, Education & Friendship...One Family at a Time

About Us

Our Mission

We are a district wide SEPTO that focuses on special education issues for all the children in our town from Pre-K through High School and Post-Secondary programs, at all of our schools.  Our mission is threefold – to educate, advocate and network.

Our Vision

Approximately 10% of the children in West Hartford receive special education services for a variety of learning, language, reading, cognitive and behavioral needs with the majority of these students attending their neighborhood schools. SEPTO is committed to providing educational programming and support for parents to learn more about their child's disability, better understand how it impacts their education and how to "navigate " the complexities of special education.  Our vision is to create a welcoming environment for parents/guardians, teachers, West Hartford public schools administration and outside consultants to work together to provide a meaningful educational experience.  Each facet is an integral part of our SEPTO membership and Board and we encourage all to attend our monthly programs.

Who We Are

WH Septo Board Members:

Jennifer Sherman, President

Jessica Whitman, Secretary

Ellen Phillips-Willcutts, Treasurer

Randi Leopold, Fundraising

Jody Angell, Public Relations

District Representative:

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